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Fan Fiction

When you're in the mood for a different adventure than the games can give you, check out these stories from more than 40 writers!

LBD "Nytetrayn"
Legends of the Halcyon Era
This is the tale of a group of characters that's sort of "over there" from the main MML cast and storyline. It's largely adapted from a series of freeform RPG sessions, combining ideas from several contributors, and further fleshed out here in a prose format. Although understood to be an ongoing adventure, it is not marked as incomplete, as the various sub-plot segments reach satisfactory conclusions that don't leave the story hanging.
264300 Words, 53 Chapters

Legends of the Sword
Digger SwordMan and spotter Iris explore some ruins where some spirited reaverbot battles ensue. Based on characters and concepts created by Victor Campan, further fleshed out by the author as a gift.
1900 Words, One-shot

Press Start to Continue
This isn't the Mega Man Legends 3 you wanted, but life isn't always fair.
136500 Words, 38 Chapters

Teisel Bonne Vs. The Map
A crossover between Legends and Dora the Explorer. Fear the insanity! *Co-written with Silver.
3200 Words, 3 Chapters

Tron finds that someone has unfriended her on Facebook!
900 Words, One-shot

The Creature of Eraimo Beach
MegaMan and Roll seek adventure on an island where a strange monster has been sighted.
4800 Words, 3 Chapters

Where Are They Now?
Crazy tales for characters who never got a sequel?
600 Words, 1 Chapter   [!]

A Different Place
An alternate reality story: What if MegaMan Trigger hadn't been so selective when choosing a family?
95500 Words, 57 Chapters

Where's My %$@#*&@ Hairbrush!!?
A Servbot has disappeared with one of the tools required for the upkeep of Tron's unique hair style.
2800 Words, One-shot

Vicki Morales
Megaman: Past, Present & Futcher
A unique story that places a six inch tall MegaMan in a 7 year old Tron's hands...
500 Words, 1 Chapter   [!]

Giant Tron
Look out, it's Tron-zilla!
700 Words, 1 Chapter   [!]

Little Boy Blue
Trigger is part of the N-Team, and faces off with his teammates against Tron Bonne in a new adventure.
21100 Words, 10 Chapters   [!]

Unlikely Love & A Double-Crossover
With Trigger trapped on Elysium, Roll has someone else in her life...
200 Words, 1 Chapter   [!]

Trigger's Brain Child
Trigger is brought home from Elysium by way of a little friend... Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man Legends crossover?
300 Words, 1 Chapter   [!]

Of Echo and Anthro
Jack and Daxter/Legends crossover.
1900 Words, 2 Chapters   [!]

Diggers and Rose Demons
Darkstalkers/Legends crossover.
400 Words, 1 Chapter   [!]

David Hurst
Eden Crisis
One of the more ambitious "follow up to MML2" stories out there. For more info, author's notes, etc. visit the Eden Crisis site.
24500 Words, 16 Chapters   [!]

Quick Cheetah
Witness the activation of Geetz, and follow the progress of he and Sera as Mother Unit and Servitor Unit. This story covers a lot of pre-game history, and continues on through to the fall of the System.
21900 Words, 6 Chapters

Crazy Nutso
Love Is More Dangerous Than Reaverbots
After bringing MegaMan back the battle for his affections is on, and Tron seems to have fixed everything to go her way.
21200 Words, 6 Chapters

Back to Terra
The usual trials and tribulations involved in getting MegaMan "back to Terra."
13900 Words, 2 Chapters

Matthew Jessup
Mega Man Legends 2
An incomplete novelization of the game's events.
12200 Words, 6 Chapters   [!]

The Aftermath
The story of what comes after the end of Mega Man Legends 2, retold by another. A fan character helps to bring about a sense of mystery and the past.
2400 Words, 3 Chapters

Rough Return
Just as it seems all is well after the return from Elysium, a new enemy makes himself known, mounting forces for a massive assault on Kattelox!
5400 Words, 8 Chapters   [!]

The New Team
A new story has begun. Only the future will tell which way things will go...
3100 Words, 3 Chapters   [!]

Eric Chiz
The Kattelox Times
Keep up on the sensational events taking place all around Terra! The Kattelox Times brings you all the best, hot off the press.
10400 Words, 13 Chapters

Bug Jenkins
Megaman Legends Trilogy
Glyde has kidnapped Tron and is making great ransom demands. Teisel is forced to seek help from a most unlikely person.
9000 Words, 3 Chapters

Rakkuman Dashu -- Future's Path!
Prepare to once again be immersed in a world of endless water--and a tale of endless trouble!
8100 Words, 1 Chapter   [!]

A Year Later
Roll and Trigger meet Zero, part of a team out to stop air pirates. Contains excessive, unnecessary language.
5900 Words, 6 Chapters

The Chronicles of Trigger and Roll
Trigger, Tron, and Roll's crazy mishaps after the battle of Kimke Island, with action, comedy, and romance. For readers of A Year Later.
1800 Words, 2 Chapters   [!]

Megaman Legends
The events of Mega Man Legends as they happen in the game, but fleshed out in fan fiction form.
7500 Words, 1 Chapter   [!]

Awkward Date
Teisel sets up a date for his sister when he learns she's in love, but with the wrong rival.
7200 Words, 4 Chapters

Bureaucratic Model 1-3
The Diabolical Glyde
Glyde has taken Tron captive and made ransom demands to the rest of the Bonnes. See how things unfold when Teisel asks the Blue Boy for help.
7000 Words, 5 Chapters

King Glydon Engage
Glyde's air pirate activities after the Loath family gets out of prison on Ryship.
5300 Words, 4 Chapters   [!]

Follows the storyline of the original MM Legends very closely, but with the a new set of characters who share in the adventure.
4700 Words, 6 Chapters   [!]

The Zeronium Virus
Portrays events between MML1 and MML2, where a new enemy threatens to poison the world with his Zeronium Virus.
4100 Words, 3 Chapters   [!]

Megaman Legends 3
Sera goes on a rampage and brings to life a new, female Juno, as well as a new enemy known as A.L.E.X.
4000 Words, 3 Chapters   [!]

Omega Trigger
Back to Terra
Christmas time is approaching. Barrel and MegaMan want Roll to have her parents back for the occasion.
1800 Words, 2 Chapters   [!]

Trigger Meet Megaman
The original Mega Man is caught up in an explosion and ends up in the world of Legends.
1000 Words, 2 Chapters   [!]

Legends Eternity
MegaMan survives the destruction of Elysium, but is haunted by many lingering questions...
900 Words, 1 Chapter   [!]

MegaMan mentions his affections for Roll to Ira who plans to set up their first date, but not before the Bonnes can roll into the scene.
1100 Words, 1 Chapter   [!]

Battling the Bonnes
The Bonnes are on the offensive. See what happens when MegaMan is lured into fighting Tron's latest and greatest creation...
1200 Words, 2 Chapters

Just Another Notch In My Buster Gun
MegaMan and Roll hurry to check out things out when they hear Yosyonke has been completely destroyed...
1100 Words, 2 Chapters   [!]

Three Days
You remember the first time we went on a dig MegaMan? I wasn't used to being a spotter, and you ended up getting lost underground for three days...
3100 Words, One-shot

Rockman DASH
Sometime after the events of Legends 2, MegaMan begins receiving strange mental signals which seem to be coming from a mysterious Zero...
2300 Words, 1 Chapter   [!]

Flight of Flutter
Two years after the fall of the System, a massive reaverbot invasion threatens to destroy Terra. Legendary hunters help beat back the offensive.
2200 Words, 4 Chapters   [!]

Full Circle
One of the many "get Trigger off of Elysium" stories. Read this writer's ideas and interpretation of the situation.
2100 Words, 3 Chapters   [!]

See Them Again
Barrel mourns the loss of his daughter and son-in-law, while young Roll is most curious about her parents.
1900 Words, One-shot

Legendary Motivations
Rock returns to the Flutter with a little trinket in hand. Just what it is, and who once weilded it, is more than he'd ever suspect.
1700 Words, 1 Chapter   [!]

Megaman Juno
Megaman Juno's Resurection
Juno is mysteriously resurrected and given a mission by the Master who also seems to be mysteriously resurrected.
1700 Words, 1 Chapter   [!]

Rock and Roll
It's Christmas time in Yosyonke and Data has some romantic ideas about MegaMan, Roll, and mistletoe.
1400 Words, One-shot

X Dome
New Year's Love Rescue
A romantic New Year's celebration featuring MegaMan and Roll.
1400 Words, One-shot

Megaman legend, the adventure continues
MegaMan finally returns from Elysium.
900 Words, 2 Chapters

Dark Chronicler
Megaman Legends
MegaMan and Roll hurry to Kataloxs Island and find something unexpected.
800 Words, 1 Chapter   [!]

Payback For Losing
Tron goes wild with revenge. **highly edited due to extreme language
700 Words, One-shot

Those Halcyon Days: Recollections of MML
A peom that chronicles the entire story progression of Legends 1.
300 Words, One-shot

Mega Change: The Blue Bomber Across the Years
A poem dedicated to Mega Man in all his forms, including Legends.
400 Words, One-shot

New Adventures
MegaMan is back for new adventures.
500 Words, 2 Chapters   [!]

Lord Zymeth
Juno Returns
Many fans like to imagine Juno making a return. See this writer's solution on how it could happen, and what follows.
500 Words, One-shot

The Resurrection
After the battle for Terra, Roll seems to be of interest to some mysterious people.
400 Words, 1 Chapter   [!]

Roll has gained weight over the months, but at last perfects a rocket to save MegaMan.
400 Words, One-shot

Shadow Roll
Mega Man's Past
Mega Man is concerned about his past, yet Data will not discuss it. An enemy arrives who may shed some light on the subject.
400 Words, 1 Chapter   [!]

Megaman Delta
Sequel to MML2
Just as the given name implies, the events following MML2. It's rare to see a take that includes Glyde though...
200 Words, 1 Chapter   [!]

Interactive Story
In addition to our regular fan fiction, this story set in the time frame between MM Legends and MM Legends 2 was intended to combine the work of multiple fans to create a piece of fan fiction that belongs to us all. The concept was cooler in theory than in practice. Eventually it ran off the rails with too many disconnected story threads, and fizzled out due to lack of interest.

Part 01 - Every Story Has A Beginning written by fAB
Part 02 - The Corridor written by DuoGTL2
Part 03 - The Reaverbot Takedown written by Omega Trigger
Part 04 - Boss Battle written by Enjibushi
Part 05 - Something Entirely Different written by Robert Huse
Part 06 - A New Threat written by DuoGTL2
Part 07 - The Servbot Search written by Tronfan
Part 08 - Battle With the Black Knight written by Joseph McKee
Part 09 - Mind Games written by Robert Huse
Part 10 - A Familiar But Unwelcome Face written by Abaddon