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Mega Man Legends Game Locations

Kattelox Island from Mega Man Legends
Ryship Island from The Misadventures of Tron Bonne
Calinca Island from Mega Man Legends 2
Manda Island from Mega Man Legends 2
Nino Island from Mega Man Legends 2
Calbania Island from Mega Man Legends 2
Saul Kada Island from Mega Man Legends 2
Forbidden Island from Mega Man Legends 2
Elysium from Mega Man Legends 2

Kattelox Island
[ Kattelox Island ]
Kattelox is a thriving place with plenty of room to grow, though the sections of its city are confined within humongous, ancient, stone walls. At its center, the Downtown is its chief residential area, full of two-story houses painted in friendly colors. There's a substantial library as well, with a burger joint nearby. To the north is City Hall, a commanding building surrounded by higher class homes. To the west, the Uptown contains many important places like the hospital, TV station, museum, and boat house that provides access to Lake Jyun. East of Downtown is the Old City, a dismal section full of abandoned homes. The power plant is there as well. To the south lies Apple Market, a lively shopping arcade that's the only section of the city open to visitors who have yet to attain their citizen's cards.

There's nature aplenty to be found on Kattelox Island. The Cardon Forest to the south has equal parts tree and open fields. Ridges of 20-foot-high cliffs run through it, though caves have been cut through to allow access. Northward, and eastward of City Hall, the Yass Plains stretch away to the shore, providing wide open views. The area is dotted with a few homes, and contains traces of ancient ruins above ground. Beyond to the east lies the Clozer Woods. A river runs through this remote, tree-dominated region.

In terms of underground ruins, Kattelox has one of the most dense and extensive networks known. The Main Gate, located south of the Old City, is the center of the island's System. There are three major sub-gates, found in Cardon Forest, on Lake Jyun, and in Clozer Woods. The Clozer Sub-gate has the control system that opens the Main Gate. Other lesser ruin entrances can be found around the island, leading to a vast network that actually interconnects with all the gates. The only exception is three Sub-cities that can only be accessed from above-ground portals unlocked in the Main Gate. The portals are located in Uptown, Downtown, and the Old City.

Ryship Island
[ Ryship Island ]
Ryship Island consists of a variety of landscape types, from desert to open plains to mountains. Much of its land sits high upon cliffs that jut out of the ocean. The lower areas are dominated by two harbors, Teche and Primiki, which are essential to Ryship's thriving import/export business. The clifftop plateau is covered by the sand and rock of the Nakkai Desert on one end, and expansive farmland on the other end, home to many grazing animals. Tucked among the mountains at the island's center is Gold City, a high class metropolis with a massive police force that takes its security very seriously.

The most prominent spot for diggers is the Shala-kun Ruins, a network of caves said to be home to the fabled aurora stones. Hidden in the desert, the Nakkai Ruins are a much more substantial ruin rumored to house a legendary treasure.

[ Calinca Island ]
Unlike most land on Terra, Calinca is considered a continent rather than an island. This vast northern land mass is mostly tundra, and has a network of train tracks connecting its mining operations to the city of Yosyonke.

Yosonke City is substantial in size, as they go. In addition to the train station, there is an air field, a junk store, a hospital, a pub, and even a church with a graveyard dedicated to those who went missing on Forbidden Island.

Manda Island
[ Manda Island ]
Manda is a tropical island with terrain marked by rolling hills and impact craters. Though expansive in its size, the island is largely uninhabited, with the tiny Pokte Village being its population center. There is little to see or do on Manda, though it does house a key ruin.

Nino Island
[ Nino Island ]
Nino is a small island, consisting essentially of one compact, multi-level city built atop a large ruin tower that protrudes from the endless water below. Ruminoa City is the home of the Digger's Guild where diggers can take tests to determine their worthiness to dig in the various classes of ruins.

The Digger's Guild takes defense against air pirates very seriously, with a huge parabola gun mounted atop the city roof and moveable cannon turrets placed all around the outside.

Calbania Island
[ Calbania Island ]
At first glance, Calbania is a beautiful little island of open, lush, grassy plains. A closer look reveals things aren't quite right here, past or present. A fallen reinitialization pod stands crooked from long ago, and reaverbots patrol the fields in broad daylight, with more ready to spring out of the ground if they detect motion. The notorious air pirate Glyde and his birdbot minions have made the island their base of operations, and the only other inhabitants scratch out a living farming in the remains of a demolished village.

Saul-Kada Island
[ Saul-Kada Island ]
Saul Kada is a northern island covered in barren sands, dotted with the ruins of old buildings and only the sparsest of plantlife. At the island's center is the sprawling Kimotoma City, built within high stone walls of white, yellow, and sandy tones.

Within Kimotoma is the entrance to a substantial ruin, a vast underground network filled with chambers of molten lava and inhabited by a gigantic reaverbot, the Wojigairon.

Forbidden Island
[ Forbidden Island ]
Located at the very northern pole of Terra is a small island surrounded by a relentless, raging blizzard. The storm is impassable for average airships, leading to the disappearance of many diggers who deduced the legendary Mother Lode treasure must rest on the island.

Forbidden Island's snowy surface is littered with the wreckage of unfortunate airships, and reaverbots roam freely in abundance. There are even traps to keep trespassers contained if they should survive a crash, and indeed the hurricane-like storm engulfing the island is artificially induced to keep intruders away...

[ Elysium ]
Elysium is an artificial world, home to the last true humans. From the surface of Terra, it appears white, resembling an extra moon in the sky, but with a pointed protrusion.

Various areas with different functions include a Shuttle Bay for arrivals and departures, a Defense Area full of guardian reaverbots, a Central Area where residences can be found, and a Mother Zone where the deepest core of the System lies. The interior architecture of Elysium is highly technological, with bluish-gray and greenish-gray walls bearing circuitry and markings characteristic of ruins on Terra. The Central Area has the appearance of being above ground, with a vast sea, grassy islands, and a perpetual sunset sky. It is uncertain whether this landscape is a simulated environment or the actual surface of Elysium.