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Mega Man Legends World Glossary

Abberant Unit
A unit of the System that has gone haywire or malfunctioned in some way, sometimes turning against the System.

Air Pirates AKA Sky Pirates
Thieves who soar the skies in their air ships, stealing from other passing ships and diggers who have had success in ruins. They may also attack ruins and islands directly to obtain what they desire.

Air Ship
Transportation used to get from one patch of land to the next, primarily used by diggers.

Humans of old, responsible for creating the System.

Aurora Stones
Three (Blue, Yellow and Red) large and valuable refractors found in the Shala-Kun underground of Ryship Island.

Malicious robotic servants of Glyde, fashioned after birds.

Bionic Parts
Referred to as life gauge pre-Legends 2.

Bonne Brothers
A nickname for the Bonne family of air pirates, even though the central Bonne is female.

Buster Parts
Weapon enhancements, used to increase the power of Megaman's Mega Buster in areas of Attack, Range, Rapid, Energy, etc.

The company that created the Mega Man Legends series.

Carbon Reinitialization Program
The System command for deleting all carbons on Terra, to be activated only after all humans have died.

Carbons AKA Betas
The inhabitants of Terra, human beings created by members of the System.

A gigantic reaverbot-type robot controllable from within. Buried for ages, it was uncovered by Lex Loath.

Digouter's Adventure Story in Halcyon Days.

Diana's Tear
The legendary treasure said to lie within the ruins of the Nakkai Desert.

Digger's License
Required for diggers to enter and explore certain ruins. There are various classes of licenses.

Digger AKA Digouter
Explorers/warriors/treasure hunters who seek refractors, artifacts and other riches within ancient underground ruins around the world. They keep civilization alive, and face grave danger from reaverbots.

Dig AKA Dig-Out
When a digger enters and explores a ruin or sub-gate, it is called a dig.

A massive space station of sorts (one of many it seems), orbiting or hovering over the planet. It is controlled by the System and used for localized reinitialization.

Elixir of Youth
A mysterious, much sought after liquid found deep in the underground, which turns out to be... Root Beer?

Elysium AKA Heaven
A so-called perfect world. Not too far from Terra, it is referred to as Heaven in the Japanese version of the games.

The airship that belongs to the Casket family.

Forbidden Island
A mysterious island in the far north, surrounded by nearly impassible storm clouds. Believed by many to be the resting place of the Mother Lode.

A massive air ship belonging to the Bonne family, built by Tron.

Golden Refractor
An incredibly impressive refractor, used to power up the Colossus.

Junk Shop AKA Junk Store
A store that sells all sorts of articles necessary for a digger. Buster parts, armor, spare parts, etc.

Kattelox Island
The island on which nearly all of Mega Man Legends (the game, not the series) takes place. Riddled with underground ruins, it is said to be the resting place of a legendary treasure.

Keys to the Mother Lode
Found on four different islands, deep within ruins. Rather than the Mother Lode, they actually unlock the Library on Elysium.

The local TV station on Kattelox Island.

Legendary Disaster
Said to befall Kattelox Island if its legendary treasure is ever unearthed...

An important room on Elysium, where the Carbon Reinitialization Program is executed from.
Note, there is also a regular library on Kattelox Island.

Main Gate
A large, mysterious ruin on Kattelox Island with no apparant way to get inside...

Mega Buster AKA Buster Gun
Megaman's and likely many other diggers' standard weapon, upgraded through the use of buster parts.

Mother Lode
A rumored legendary treasure sought after by many diggers, though no one knows for sure what it is or where it may be hidden.

Mother Unit
Servant of the System with great power. Yuna manages the systems of Terra while Sera manages the systems of Elysium.

A term for hovering motorbikes, especially popular on Klickelan Island.

Purifier Unit
Servant of the System whose job it is to hunt down abberant units.

Mysterious robots that inhabit the world of the underground and protect the refractors. They come in many different shapes and forms, and range from harmless to lethal.

Rebel Riders
Youth gangs with little regard for society. They are known to cause trouble as they ride around on their hover bikes.

Refractor AKA Quantum Refractor
Ancient energy source. Diggers retrieve them from sub-gates in order to provide power for the civilized upper world.

MegaMan's name in the Japanese versions of the games.

Underground networks of rooms and passageways built long ago by ancient civilizations. Inhabited by deadly reaverbots.

Ryship Island
The name of the island where The Misadventures of Tron Bonne takes place.

Little robots built by Tron Bonne who perform various tasks for the Bonne family.

Servitor Unit
Servants and protectors to the Mother Units.

A valued partner for many diggers. Spotters assist diggers from above ground using equipment to scan for reaverbots and guide them safely through ruins.

Residence of the Prototype Anthro Units.

A term applied to many of the larger-scale ruins.

Sulpher Bottom
The largest air ship ever built. Von Bleucher spent his fortune creating this massive ship with the intention of returning to Forbidden Island.

The name of the planet, basically Earth.

Torture Room
Tron's way of whipping lazy Servbots into shape.

Terra's currency.