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MML1 Single & Original Soundtrack

another sun Single
another sun coverReleased: 1997/12/25

Track List:

1. another sun
2. あなたの風が吹くから (Anata no Kaze ga Fuku Kara) "For Your Winds Shall Blow"
3. another sun (original karaoke)

Vocals: 森下玲可 (Morishita Reika)
Lyrics: 友利歩未 (Tomori Fumi)
Composition: 深田太郎 (Fukuda Tarou)
Arrangement: 西村昌敏 (Nishimura Masatoshi)

Rockman DASH Original Soundtrack
Rockman DASH OST CoverReleased: 1998/02/21

Track List:

01. another sun (lyrics by Tomari Fumi, composed by Fukada Taro, sung by Morishita Reika)
02. The last door
03. The trap of Deflector
04. Escape from the tower
05. Hammul Doll appears!
06. Heading toward Cattle Ox island
07. The apple market
08. Concerto of Hapshi code
09. Feeling of love?
10. Chase Blum Bear!
11. We are the 3 Bone brothers
12. Ferdinand!
13. Sumeterlink's Bon Bone
14. Tiesel Bone of The Gesell Shaft
15. Maolvolf!
16. Sad Tiesel Bone
17. Reflection room
18. The Sub-gate of Cardon Forest
19. Lakeside town
20. The Bone family burning with vengeful feelings
21. Balcon Gerald!
22. Locked up Balcon Gerald
23. The sub-gate of Jewyin Lake
24. Galdulton!
25. The Flatter
26. The sub-gate of Closer Woods
27. Culmnavash!
28. The Flatter VS The Gesell Shaft
29. The Gesell shaft!
30. Focke Wolf!
31. The main gate
32. Theodore Bruno!
33. Reform
34. Present (by F Chopin)
35. At a place nobody knows
36. Original Hito unit residence
37. Guynie Toren!
38. Juno--Last battle physique (by J.S.Bach)
39. See you again
40. Your wind is blowing (lyrics by Tomari Fumi, composed by Fukada Taro, sung by Morishita Reika)

The Rockman DASH Original Soundtrack contains 40 tracks, leaving out roughly 1/3 of the game's music. The track list and liner notes below are taken directly from the non-Japanese release of the CD, grammar and spelling errors included.

OST Liner Notes
The memories of ROCKMAN DASH...... The concept of the music is to make it feel like the style of the animation series which was very popular on television 20 years ago. There were many ideas, but when I first saw the image illustration, it came into my mind that "this is the so-called Three Bad Guys?" What really in my head was not the content of the game but "Bikkuri Dokkiri Meka", "Acted well~the awake of love" and Mr. Kei Toyama's "Explain!" and "Comment!". The most representative ones are the idiotic theme of reflection room, and the exaggerated sad music played at the failure mission. The so-called "mismatch feeling" which Producer Mr. Kono emphasized, raised the effect to the largest extent.
For an action game, the number of songs is too many. That was my intention, but as a result I could not collect all the songs in this CD. It is really a pity.
Lastly, I would like to thank all the people who assisted or gave advice on the making of this game. I would like to express my scpecial thanks to Jun of Sapporo who advised about Bach and to Nono who helped me to choose music box songs. Thank you very much.
ROCKMAN DASH music composer Tomozawa Makoto

I'm Toshio Kajino. My works included "X-Men" arcade version, "Dungeons & Dragons", "Vampire", "Super Street Fighter II" etc. It's been quite sometime since I work with an original game. I enjoyed the sound recording, processing and editing of this "ROCKMAN DASH", I hope everyone will clear this game with pleasure. I have created a homepage on sound effect, please come and take a look. (I'm going to change the address, but you can search it with search engines like yahoo using the keyword "sound effect".
ROCKMAN DASH sound designer Kjino Toshio

To me, ROCKMAN series is where I can try new challenges. In "Rockman, Battle & Chase", I tried live broadcasting which was used the first time in CAPCOM. In " ROCKMAN DASH" I tried the MA(*) for polygon animation. Unlike what we did before, we had continuity and script, we felt like making animation movies. And I was appointed to produce the sound stuff, I really like the job. But as that was the first time for me, the work was very tough. There were many obstacles but I believe I have achieved a powerful sound space. Play the game like you are watching a movie. And, enjoy the powerful images and sound.
sound designer Tomoyuki "TKNY" Kawakami
(*)Matching SE, conversation, music, etc. with the MA(Multi Audio)images at the same time.

Everything turns new is the selling point of ROCKMAN DASH, including the sound effect. In this game, You can run around in the world of polygon freely, it's so real that you'll feel like you ar Rock. To match this feeling, I think heavy sounds are better than light sounds which was used in the past.
I don't want to destroy the unique fantastic atmosphere, that is why I avoided to use realistic sounds. As a result, the work was tough, we have to make imaginary sounds feel like real. But we succeeded. I hope the sound effect can enhance your fun in playing this game.
Sound designer Amagishi Shinji

Produce a wholly new "ROCKMAN". Let's make a brand new ROCKMAN. A ROCKMAN facing the 21th century that nobody can imagine of. But, isn't it okay that we make something other than ROCKMAN? Oh yes, let's create a very interesting game, a game that can satisfy both adults, kids and people like or doesn't like games. What category should it be? Action? RPG? Adventure? Let's mix them all up to make a new category, yes, make an animation into a game. Let's enter the world of animation and run wild! Action Adventure? Yes! that kind of game! Let dubbing acter and actress talk a lot! And the music. Yes, the style of old animation song. Let's do it all-out.
During development, sometimes I was confused. Is this game interesting? Or not?
This game ROCKMAN DASH is one that as development goes on, I can confirm that "it's really interesting".
Producer Inafune Keiji

My favorite song in this game is the one played while Rock helped Tron as she was chasing by a dog. Kind of sweet and sad, I think it is excellent. I really love it so I wanted to use this song again on the scene of the last fighting with Tron, but I was stopped by every body. What a regret.
Producer Kono Sadanori

Mega Man Legends Original Soundtrack
Released: 2021 Q4

23 years after the game's initial release, the announcement of a Mega Man Legends Official Soundtrack came out of nowhere, and in the heart of a digital age, was released on vinyl and cassette tape. The vinyl came in three variations exclusive to different retailers: regular, clear/transparent, and Mega Man Helmet variant. The track listing is the same as featured on the Japanese OST, except that it does not include the two Japanese vocal tracks.