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The Story of Mega Man Legends

Mega Man Legends begins deep underground in an ancient, mechanical ruin. Our young hero in blue armor, MegaMan, smiles as he approaches a sizable refractor. This is what he's come for, the ultimate prize sought by diggers. But when he removes the refractor from its pedestal, it triggers a series of traps. MegaMan races for the exit and escapes the room just in time.

Ready to head back to the surface, MegaMan's best friend and spotter, Roll, guides him over radio from their airship above ground, watching her equipment carefully. Through corridors with walls bearing strange patterns and flashing lights, he battles his way past deadly reaverbots until he reaches a final fight against a huge Hanmuru Doll. Fortunately it's in rough shape and missing one arm. MegaMan quickly shuts it down and heads for the surface.

Outside it's a bright, sunny day under a wide open sky. Atop the ruin tower jutting out of the endless ocean, MegaMan sees no sign of their yellow and red airship, the Flutter. He turns suddenly to find the Hanmuru Doll has reactivated and followed him. As it inches forth, MegaMan backs up to the tower's edge. The Flutter appears just in time and he leaps, landing on the deck. Off they fly, leaving the reaverbot and ruins behind.

MegaMan joins Roll on the ship's bridge. As usual, she's dressed in red with a matching hat resting atop her thick head of blonde hair. Their conversation is cut short by a distressed voice over the intercom. Roll's grandfather, Barrell, reports trouble in the engine room. If they don't hurry and land somewhere to make repairs, they're going to crash. Roll steers the Flutter toward the nearest island, a place called Kattelox.

Smoking and losing altitude, the Flutter comes in low over the island. The rudder smacks the ground and breaks off, and the rest of the airship goes skidding across open plains before grinding to an abrupt halt. Everyone aboard walks away unscathed, including MegaMan's mechanical monkey companion, Data, but the ship is in pretty bad shape. They're stuck here until they can get the parts they need to fix her up.

In the distance beyond the trees stand giant, ancient stone walls, and tucked among them is a thriving town. MegaMan heads off to the lively Apple Market, an enclosed shopping arcade on the town's edge. The junk store doesn't have the ship parts he's looking for, but after MegaMan rescues the owner in one of the local ruins, he and his wife offer MegaMan use of an old van abandoned outside the market. The junk store couple used to be a digger-spotter duo themselves, and used the van as a workshop and monitoring base.

Funnily enough, MegaMan soon finds Roll already eyeing the van. As a mechanical genius at age 14, she's excited by the prospect of fixing it up. It's just what they'll need to easily travel around the island and assist with exploring the ruins in search of parts they can use to repair the Flutter.

No sooner are things looking up than MegaMan and Roll hear news of air pirates on their way, come to get their hands on a legendary treasure that's supposedly buried on the island. The town is already locking down in preparation for an attack. Roll's worried about Barrell having already gone into town, so MegaMan offers to go find him.

North of the Apple Market, a gate passes through another massive stone wall and into the Downtown. There are lots of nice two-story homes painted in pleasant pastel colors, and a sizable library. MegaMan hardly sets foot in the area before encountering a strange girl around the same age as he and Roll. She wears black and pink, and her dark hair fans out to both sides behind her. With her are three little mechanical men with big yellow heads. She gives them some quick orders and sends them on their way before noticing MegaMan's presence and walking away with a huff.

Farther north beyond another wall lies a more spacious, high class area with fancy homes, a bank, police station, and City Hall at its center. While asking around after Barrell, it turns out he's in the office of Mayor Amelia. Barrell is a retired digger and professor of some fame, and it just so happens that Amelia once worked as his assistant while she was in school. With the pirates on their way, the two of them have been discussing the myths and legends surrounding the legendary treasure, one of which says that if the seals are broken, a terrible disaster will occur. Barrell isn't ready to leave yet, so asks MegaMan to go back and keep Roll safe, whatever happens.

Heading back through Downtown, MegaMan runs into the strange girl from earlier. A little dog with a loud bark has chased her up a lamppost. MegaMan calms the dog and sends it away. The flustered girl slides down, clearly grateful, but then runs away angry. MegaMan scratches his head and moves on.

Back at the van, Roll has paused her tinkering, eyes to the sky on some unusual airships flying by. MegaMan barely gets a chance to tell her where Barrell is before more ships fly overhead, followed by sounds of explosions from within the town walls. She takes off running, fearing for Gramps's safety. MegaMan chases after and finds her stopped just inside the Downtown gate where two police officers won't let her pass for her own good. The pirates have already taken over the area with heavy-duty weaponry. No stranger to danger, MegaMan rushes past them to see what he can do.

As MegaMan approaches the gate to City Hall, he finds it blocked by three tank mechas called Blumebears, piloted by the little yellow-headed Servbots. They've put a big lock on the gate, and have no intention of letting MegaMan get the key from them. A battle unfolds throughout the streets of Downtown, MegaMan chasing down his enemies and the Servbots tossing the key between themselves to keep it away from him. Eventually MegaMan defeats the Blumebears and snags the key.

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The Servbots run crying to their master, Miss Tron. From within her tall, four-legged mecha, the Feldynaught, she chews out her Servbots. Then, she spots MegaMan, who saved her from that awful dog. She takes a moment to ponder the funny feeling she gets when thinking about him, then shakes it off and goes on the offensive. The Feldynaught leaps into the air and lands directly in front of MegaMan. Tron opens the top hatch and shouts at him for all the trouble he's caused, calling him dumb for picking a fight with the Bonnes. But, she offers him the chance to join them, so her brother will never have to know what MegaMan did to them.

MegaMan refuses to join up with pirates, and another battle ensues. Fortunately, the Feldynaught has a weak point on one of its legs and MegaMan takes advantage of it to bring the robot down faster, but many of the nearby homes are damaged in the struggle. When at last the Feldynaught falls, Tron—blackened with ash from the explosion—gives MegaMan credit for being stronger than she thought. As her Servbots swoop in with a Drache airship rescue, she warns him that he'll pay for this.

MegaMan unlocks the gate and enters to find that City Hall is under seige, smoke pouring from its roof. A number of demolition mechas are attacking all the buildings in the area, with more being flown in by the minute. MegaMan quickly blows away the carriers, then puts a stop to the demolition chaos. Just when he thinks the battle is won, a new robot flies onto the scene. Yellow and orange with big eyes, it makes odd baby-ish sounds as it attacks with hand claps and missiles. MegaMan fights until the robot's body explodes and its head crashes to the ground, rolling across the lawn of City Hall. Another Bonne Drache is quick to pick up "Master Bon" and carry him away.

High in the skies above Kattelox flies the Bonnes's grand airship, Gesellschaft. Dressed in dark green with a head of spiky gray hair, Teisel, head of the family, sits in his classy room surrounded by packed bookshelves and items in glass cases. He goes to tune into his favorite TV show, only to find a news report of his young sister and brother's assault being beaten back by a mysterious boy in blue. It's time for him to step in and assume command.

Back at City Hall, Mayor Amelia shows her gratitude by giving MegaMan a digger's license, allowing him to enter restricted ruins where chances are better for finding the necessary parts to fix the Flutter. In the middle of their conversation, an inspector from the police station arrives to notify Amelia that the pirates are in the northern forest. Since they couldn't get the key from Amelia, it seems they're trying to find a way directly into the ruins by literally digging down into them. She orders that they be arrested, but seeing how overpowered the police already were by the pirates, Roll and MegaMan decide they'd better do what they can to help.

Using parts MegaMan has collected so far, Roll fashions some attachments for his leg armor to boost his jump height, and a new machine gun special weapon, giving him double firepower for the battles ahead. He'll need it. The plains north of City Hall are crawling with Bonne tanks and gun batteries. After a while he spots a smoking police car and a ramshackle house nearby. Inside, the inspector, one of his men, and a few other people huddle in terror. Nothing like this has ever happened to the island, and they simply aren't equipped to deal with it. It's all up to MegaMan.

At the site of the ruin, Teisel Bonne has carved away a ridiculous amount of earth, courtesy of the Marlwolf, a drilling and digging machine at least 50-feet tall. MegaMan's weapons are completely ineffective against the Marlwolf's thick armor, but he targets the tank treads to at least slow it down, giving him time to think. He climbs the walls of the pit for a shot at the Marlwolf's head, but the massive machine begins firing huge and devastating energy balls. MegaMan dodges and rolls away the best he can, but he can't keep this up. On the back of the Marlwolf he spots a deck behind the head, and leaps onto it. The Marlwolf can't attack what it can't see. Unfortunately, a hatch on the back of the head opens and Servbots hurry out carrying bombs. MegaMan blows them away, then unleashes a barrage of firepower into the hatch. Teisel shouts from within for the Servbots to close the hatch and put out the fires but it's already too late. The Marlwolf self-destructs from the inside out. When the smoke clears, Teisel stands there dazed, muttering about how much it cost to build and how he's going to get even. The Servbots usher him to a platform lowered by the Gesellshaft, and lift him to safety.

Amelia calls MegaMan back to City Hall. The possibility of the pirates finding the legendary treasure and triggering a horrible disaster may only be a story, but lately they've been detecting increased reaverbot activity underground. Pirates or no pirates, she's concerned. Seeing how capable MegaMan is, she grants him access to the largest ruins on Kattelox, and asks him to investigate directly by searching for clues while he does his digging.

Kattelox Island has three major sub-gates. The easiest to get to is in Cardon Forest, not too far from where the Flutter crashed. But as MegaMan heads farther south, he encounters more Bonne tanks, and overhears the Servbots talking about buying time for Miss Tron to finish a new robot. As he clears the way through their forces, Roll shows up in the renovated van, ready to assist. When the tank fire gets too intense, the Support Car makes a good shield, and when they reach a gate designed to keep MegaMan out of the sub-gate, Roll rams through it. It's time to do some serious digging!

MegaMan rides the sub-gate elevator deep underground, into a dark ruin of blue, purple, and green hues. There's an especially old feeling to it, with bare rock walls and tangled roots hanging from the blackness of the unseen ceiling. The light of a bright yellow refractor catches MegaMan's eye right off the bat, but it's shielded by an energy barrier requiring starter keys to lower it. MegaMan gets to work. There are new types of reaverbots here, including the particularly savage Sharukurusu. MegaMan makes good use of high ground to keep out of reach of their claws. His thorough exploration of the sub-gate takes him through vast caverns, a room of energy barrier generators, and even the ruin's old conveyor belt and compactor system. He finds refractor shards hidden in cracks in the walls, machine parts and other artifacts in treasure chests, and of course the starter keys. As MegaMan cautiously pulls the refractor from its pedestal, nothing happens—not every ruin is a nightmare of traps.

The next sub-gate lies out on a tiny island in the middle of Lake Jyun to the west. Passing again through the Downtown, MegaMan discovers the lively Uptown area. Among the more interesting sights like the museum and the television studio, there's also a hospital. Passing by, MegaMan glances into the lobby through the windows and spots a young girl in pink, waving excitedly. She gestures for him to come in, so he figures he'd better see what's up. Her name's Ira, and it turns out she saw MegaMan's heroics on local TV. Her illness has left her unable to walk, confined to a wheelchair, but she dreams of travel. After all the digging and pirate battling MegaMan's done, he doesn't mind taking a little time to sit down, relax, and talk with her about the places he's been and what it's like on other islands. Her eyes light up, and when it's time to go she asks him to come back and see her again. On his way out, MegaMan overhears a couple of nurses talking about Ira's difficulties, and how they could probably cure her with the right equipment, but the hospital can't afford it.

MegaMan makes a detour to City Hall to talk with Mayor Amelia about upgrading the hospital's equipment. Having access to such high-level ruins has earned him more refractor shards than he usually comes across, and he wants to donate some to help Ira and others out. While he's at it, he donates what he can to help rebuild the demolished houses in the Downtown, but he's careful to keep a little aside—a digger never knows what's coming next.

Back in the Uptown, MegaMan finds other opportunities to help out, like participating in quick games for the KTOX TV station, and giving some of the artifacts he's collected to the local museum. When he's finally ready to head out to the Lake Jyun Sub-gate, he visits the boat house only to find that someone has stolen all the boats. All that is, but one, and only because it doesn't run. MegaMan calls Roll, thinking maybe she could take a look at it. When she arrives, her excitement gets the better of her. She hops in and goes to work without asking. With the casing and couplings repaired and the yellow refractor from the dig to power it, the boat's ready to go in no time. Wily, the boat house owner, is grateful. Smiling behind his bushy gray mustache, the old fellow says they can take the boat out anytime they want. Just what they need to get to the sub-gate!

Out on the lake with the sub-gate island in sight, the waters all around begin to churn as Bonne submarines rise to the surface. Roll tries to steer away, but they fire upon the boat. MegaMan heads up on deck to fight back, shooting down missiles and torpedoes, and nailing their subs when he can. Just when it looks like they can handle it, a giant robot rises from the water—the Balcon Gelede, product of all the stolen boats! Already tired from fighting the submarines, and with so little room to maneuver atop their boat, it's a fight they can't win. Roll turns them about face and races away across the lake to regroup.

They can't let the Bonnes alone for long, or they might get into the lake ruins and get closer to the legendary treasure—and the legendary disaster. While Roll makes repairs, MegaMan heads to the junk store to power up. Good thing he kept a little money in reserve. Outfitted with tougher armor and stronger parts for his buster gun, he heads back to find Roll has an idea. On the south side of the lake there's a river leading to a smaller lake. If they can lead the Bonnes into that area, it might take away the big robot's ability to maneuver.

Back on the water, the battle with the Balcon Gelede resumes. They fight out in the open just long enough to make it look like they're retreating again, and when Roll takes the boat into the river, the Bonnes take the bait and come after. The shallow water of the smaller lake leaves the Balcon Gelede stuck in the center while Roll drives circles around them. Inside, Tron does her best as pilot, but MegaMan takes out the Balcon Gelede's weapons one by one, leaving them helpless. The massive robot catches fire, and Tron gloomily admits it's time to give it up. As the Balcon Gelede goes up in smoke, she and her brothers escape in a small fleet of Draches. Flying away, she doesn't understand why she isn't the least bit angry at MegaMan for having gotten the better of them again.

Down below, the Lake Jyun Sub-gate is just waiting to be explored. Roll had the foresight to equip the boat in advance, so she's able to spot for MegaMan as he enters a dim, blue-toned world full of dripping walls and reaverbots aplenty. Once again, he makes an extensive search for ship parts and other treasures. Eventually he reaches a large room with a central pedestal. Oddly, there's no refractor atop it. He shrugs and moves on, only to find a refractor in the next room. Big and red, Roll thinks it might be the last element they need to finally repair the Flutter! MegaMan approaches with caution and takes the refractor from its pedestal, but like the last ruin, nothing happens. Maybe none of the ruins on Kattelox are booby-trapped?

Ready to head to the surface with everything they need, MegaMan gets as far as the previous room before Roll detects a sudden reaverbot signal. It's big, with readings off the scale! MegaMan watches as the false pedestal rises into the air and transforms, with legs, arms, and a head popping out. The towering, humanoid reaverbot takes a few lumbering steps before diving at MegaMan with shocking speed. He rolls aside, thankfully dodging the spike atop the reaverbot's head, but a shoulder slams into him and knocks him off his feet. The reaverbot lifts itself and lumbers about again. MegaMan shakes off his disorientation and fires in retaliation, but the shots ricochet off its body. Another dive! MegaMan activates the jump springs Roll made and leaps high into the air just in time. He keeps firing back at his enemy as he falls, and one of the shots hits square in the reaverbot's large glowing eye. No ricochet. MegaMan knows what he has to do, but that doesn't make it an easy fight. It's difficult getting any shots in while the reaverbot is upright, and difficult nailing the eye while it's diving. Finally, the drawn out confrontation ends as the reaverbot falls onto its back and bursts into a shower of scrap metal and refractor shards.

Back on the surface of Kattelox, it's Roll's turn to take the lead repairing the Flutter while MegaMan gets a chance to take it easy for a while. He makes friends with a trio of boys who as it turns out had been the ones to sic the dog on Tron Bonne when they suspected she was a pirate. The construction workers rebuilding houses in the Downtown are kind enough to lend MegaMan some tools, and with them he helps the boys fix up their clubhouse. When returning to the tools, MegaMan spots Barrell in the window of the library and goes in to see him. He's still looking into the mysteries of the island and the possible disaster, aided by a fellow researcher and visitor to Kattelox named Art. At the moment they're discussing their fascination with the Main Gate, a ruin out past the Old City east of Downtown. As far as anyone can tell, there seems to be no way into it.

MegaMan's curiosity is piqued, and he heads out to the Old City. Factories, silos, and houses of dull green, gray, and rust, stand empty. The only active building, the power plant, leaves a haze of smoke spread over the sky. As MegaMan walks the abandoned streets, the unsettling silence is broken by the even more unsettling sound of barking dogs. A wild pack descends upon him, snarling and snapping at his heels as he races south toward the gate. He slams it shut behind him and catches his breath in the fresh air. Nearby, the Main Gate stands with no discernible entrance, just as Barrell had said. He may have come a long way for nothing, but he does pick up a friend in the form of a gray and white cat that follows him all the way home to the Flutter.

Roll's mechanical enthusiasm has kept her working steadily in MegaMan's absence. Now that he's back, she gets him to assist with some final preparations, and at last the Flutter achieves lift off! There's still work to be done before they can think about taking the airship out over the ocean again, but in the meantime they can reach the entrance to the Clozer Sub-gate where it stands high above the massive pit dug by Teisel Bonne and the Marlwolf.

Oddly enough, the Bonnes are nowhere to be found this time as the Flutter approaches its destination. MegaMan enters the Clozer Sub-gate and gets to work. This ruin is much more pristine than the others on the island, with its metallic green panels and brighter lights. Not too deep in, MegaMan comes across some sort of control room with giant panel monitors, but there's no power. Barrell had speculated that if the Main Gate could be opened remotely, the Clozer Sub-gate might be the place to do it. There's a place to insert three ID cards, so this might be the very room for it, if MegaMan can find a way to activate the computers.

As usual, while seeking the needed cards MegaMan finds all sorts of interesting artifacts and machinery bits—perfectly timed as Roll wonders over the radio about who made the reaverbots and why, and muses on how their digs might be considered stealing. MegaMan doesn't get a chance to respond as he reaches the bottom of an elevator ride and finds himself in the midst of three huge wolf-like reaverbots suddenly coming to life. The elevator won't go back up, so MegaMan has no choice but to dive through the oncoming metal beasts and hurry to the middle of the room where he can move and dodge as necessary. The trio of Karumuna Bash circle, tackle, and spit waves of fire at their prey, but MegaMan's skill and determination see him through once again.

It isn't too much deeper that MegaMan finds and activates a huge generator, and Roll's equipment confirms the power has been restored to the control room. Past many deadly Sharukurusu and other reaverbots, MegaMan backtracks and returns with three ID cards in hand. Insertion of the cards triggers an Emergency System activation, and then a slight tremor rumbles through the ruin. Barrell was right, the Main Gate has opened. Once MegaMan is inside, hopefully he can figure out what's behind the increased reaverbot activity of late.

Aboard the Flutter again, MegaMan rests up from the dig, but only briefly, as the Bonnes might realize the Main Gate has opened and go in first. While MegaMan naps, Roll uses some of the parts he's collected to create a more powerful secondary weapon, and a jet skate modification for his boots that will allow him to speed out of tight situations.

When MegaMan's ready, the Flutter returns to the sky. Out of the big, billowing clouds comes the Gesellschaft, pulling up right alongside. It seems the Bonnes were only waiting to pounce until after MegaMan had done the work for them. Cannons on the side of the massive green airship open fire. MegaMan climbs to the Flutter's deck to fight back, but they can't take them head on. Roll pulls into the clouds to try and hide, but the Gesellschaft sends out Draches to pursue. Realizing they can't get away, Roll waits until MegaMan shoots down the Draches, then quickly pulls under the Gesellschaft. With no weaponry on its underside, MegaMan has wide open shots of the engines on their wings. But even disabled, the Gesellschaft is a mighty ship and the battle over Kattelox rages on. The Flutter takes heavy damage from their frontal cannon's energy blasts, but finally the battle is won. Roll pulls away as the airship sinks slowly into the clouds, followed by a huge explosion.

From out of the smoke zooms one more robot, the Fokkerwolf. Gathered inside, the Bonnes are ready for one last gasp. They fly circles around the Flutter, and pepper it with fire from overhead. MegaMan does his best, but it's hard to judge distance and aim properly with such a flighty target. After taking a hit that nearly knocks him overboard, he has no choice but use his new weapon, the Active Buster. Roll really outdid herself with this one, as MegaMan aims his best and the tiny missiles do the rest by swerving into their tracked target. As the Fokkerwolf goes down and explodes, Roll joins MegaMan on the deck, searching the skies for any sign that the Bonnes ejected. Sadly, it seems they didn't.

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The Main Gate awaits. Within, it's the brightest ruin yet with walls of pale gray, pink, and purple. Roll's equipment reads the place as a spiral leading deep underground. MegaMan encounters Gorubeshu reaverbots stationed in pairs, troublesome with their long-range fireball attacks and the way they raise their big shields at the slightest provocation. If their defense pattern persists, it'll take forever to reach the bottom. An idea occurs to MegaMan, and he fires up his jet skates. Down the spiral he races, hugging the wall, timing it so that just as his presence alerts and wakes the Gorubeshu and they move to react, he zips right past them. Fortunately they're slow and not inclined toward pursuit. He passes a couple a couple of doorways on the way down but keeps going, eager to see the bottom, but all that awaits him is a large locked door, with the word "Watcher" on it.

Unable to proceed, MegaMan backtracks to the last door and finds a different area of pale, greenish-yellow walls. He approaches a large piece of equipment, the Central Gate Control Panel. There's a warning that the Central Gate has been locked by Eden, and activation requires manual override through the use of the Watcher, Sleeper, and Dreamer Keys. There's also an option to unlock Sub-City Entrances that requires no keys, but comes with another warning that doing so may cause a breach of security protocols. MegaMan hesitates, but it doesn't exactly sounds like a trigger for a legendary disaster. Besides, Mayor Amelia is counting on him to find answers. He pulls the switch, raising the Sub-City portals around the island. Time to start looking for them.

Before heading all the way back up the spiral, MegaMan takes a quick look around the rest of this area. Remarkably, he finds a passage that leads all the way to the surface, where he emerges in the Old City. He finds he's completely fenced in with nothing to see but a large warehouse. He's about to head back down when he hears something from inside the warehouse. Most unusual for the Old City. MegaMan takes a quick look inside and discovers a giant tan and brown robot—and the Bonne skull emblem on its chest. Teisel and Tron spot MegaMan, and hurry to activate the robot, Bruno, which Tron proclaims to be her masterpiece. The warehouse rumbles and MegaMan runs for it as Bruno rises and tears the place wide open.

Tron's pride in her work was not misplaced. Bruno is packed with artillery on its hips, feet, and shoulder turrets, but its most impressive cannons fire enormous energy blasts from its hands. As it stomps and blasts its way across the Old City, MegaMan's only hope is to use the buildings as shields, and fire as he dashes from one to the next. The longer the fight lasts, the less options there are for cover. Energy depleted, Active Buster drained, and Old City all but leveled, MegaMan unleashes as many buster shots as possible in an attempt to end it. His concentrated fire on Bruno's thinner midrif pays off, as the top half topples and the Bonnes go down for the last time.

The Bonne siblings cough and hack in the spewing smoke, surrounded by the wreckage of their magnificent robot. MegaMan approaches, and they meet him face to face. Teisel admits that although he's been in this business a long time, this is the first time anyone's given him this much trouble, almost as though he's met his match. Tron can hardly believe it as her brother admits defeat. As they walk away, and Tron wonders if she'll ever see MegaMan again, Teisel whispers the new plan; once MegaMan finds the treasure, they'll wait for their chance to take it from him. That's the Teisel she knows.

Of the few things left standing in Old City, one is the portal leading down to the Main Gate, and another is a matching portal. MegaMan enters and is transported to a strange underground world with a simulated nighttime sky. Reaverbots patrol the area, and MegaMan fights his way to the most distinctive building in sight. Within, he finds a treasure chest containing the Watcher Key. The Sleeper and Dreamer Keys are in similar Sub-Cities, one in Downtown and one in Uptown. Once MegaMan has them all, he returns to the Main Gate, ready to finally solve the mysteries of Kattelox Island.

Deep underground, the three keys lead to an unblemished ruin of bright gray and white, where MegaMan loses contact with Roll. A large container with a mechanical doorway stands at the far end of the room. Something about it gives MegaMan the strange feeling that he's seen it before, and that there's danger here. At his approach, the doorway opens. From within floats a man with long lavender hair and a white mechanical body. MegaMan Juno. In a soft, calm voice, he thanks MegaMan for awakening him, and apologizes for not recognizing him in his current configuration. MegaMan is utterly confused, and Juno realizes that he has suffered memory loss. That being so, he wonders why MegaMan has come to awaken him.

An electronic display on the wall shows a map of Kattelox Island, flashing between its natural appearance and a readout showing piles of red dots in high-population areas. Looking at it, Juno assumes MegaMan awakened him in order to purge the carbons that have over-propagated during the time he was inactive. He goes on about how the carbons reproduce indefinitely, polluting the surface world, and how they can be quite a nuisance. Perhaps it would be better to simply Reinitialize.

MegaMan doesn't understand most of what Juno says, but the bottom line is clear enough. He shouts in protest, and Juno raises four pillars from the floor. They emit electrical beams that paralyze MegaMan in pain, holding him in place. Juno retreats deeper into the Main Gate, where he shall inquire as to the presence of a backup of MegaMan's memory on Eden.

Down the hall near the Watcher, Sleeper, and Dreamer doors, Tron and Teisel peek out from behind the wall. Having overheard it all, they can't just stand by and let everyone on the island be killed, yet they doubt their chances. Like it or not, their best bet against Juno is to free MegaMan. With a well-placed kick on one of the electrifying pillars, it recedes into the floor and the others with it. MegaMan thanks thanks them for their help, and the Bonnes encourage him onward.

Fortunately there's very few twists and turns as MegaMan chases down Juno. He passes through a room with a jumbo-sized refractor—perhaps the fabled legendary treasure—but has no time to be impressed. A little farther in past a few more reaverbots, and MegaMan runs into Data, standing in front of a door. His little mechanical monkey has a penchant for showing up at odd times and places, but this is ridiculous. MegaMan tries asking him about it, but Data simply points out that even though there's a lot MegaMan may not understand right now, the important thing is that Juno must be stopped. Roll and everyone else is counting on MegaMan!

The door splits and the two panels slide aside with their familiar mechanical sound. Ahead, MegaMan Juno hovers at the far end of the room, staring up at a high wall decorated in circular patterns with a hole in the center. He turns, surprised to find MegaMan has escaped his trap. But it matters not. Eden has already been activated, a space station in high orbit with 10,000 workers aboard. As soon as it's within transmission range, Juno will send the Reinitialization order. In the meantime, as Master Key of the island, Juno will exercise his authority to terminate the malfunctioning MegaMan.

The battle begins. Juno and his detached arms fly about the room separately, firing lasers and emitting shockwaves. For a bureaucratic model, he packs a punch, but MegaMan emerges victorious. Juno erupts in a series of explosions, but when the smoke clears, his head and upper body continue to float there. With his perpetual smile he informs MegaMan that Eden has yet to reach optimal altitude. If he can defeat Juno before then, he will be able to stop it, but Juno isn't done fighting yet. He flies upward and inserts himself into the hole in the wall. The wall splits in half, panels sliding aside to reveal a room of flashing lights containing a huge spike-covered body resembling that of a reaverbot.

Round 2 begins. This Juno form was made for battle, with its flailing claws swinging and raining down beams of destruction. Not only must MegaMan muster all his strength to defeat it, but he must do so quickly. Eden moves ever closer with every second the fight rages on. When at last Juno takes his final hit and explodes, his head remains once again, lying on the floor. He gives the Reinitialization order and requests a backup of his memory, just a second before MegaMan can fire and finish him off.

A synthetic voice announces that Eden's systems are ready and awaiting confirmation. The requested backup of MegaMan Juno is complete and the execution of the Kattelox Reinitialization Program will commence in 100 seconds. MegaMan squeezes his eyes shut, unable to believe this is happening. After all that, everyone is still going to die. He was the one to cause the legendary disaster after all.

Another voice speaks up from behind. Data! He tells Eden to interrupt the command, and that MegaMan Juno has been deactivated under suspicion of malfunction. Purifier First Class MegaMan Trigger hereby assumes all Bureaucratic authority for the District, and requests the indefinite postponement of the previous Reinitialization order, and the deletion of Bureaucratic Model Juno's backup data. Eden acknowledges and accepts Data's commands, deleting Juno's data and returning to its predesignated coordinates.

MegaMan stares in relief and disbelief at his little monkey friend. Data explains that he's MegaMan's peripheral memory storage device, originally created so that the System couldn't scan his memory. Though Data's unable to explain everything at this time, eventually he'll be able to tell MegaMan who he really is, why he lost his memory, and what his previous function and mission were.

At that moment, the comforting voices of Roll and Gramps finally come through over radio. They're elated to have finally gotten it working again, and relieved to know MegaMan is okay. Barrell goes on excitedly about what they saw above ground, a large cylinder covered in ancient symbols that descended from the sky and hung over the Downtown before ascending again. It's so good to hear their voices and know they're okay. Data hops onto MegaMan's shoulder and they hurry back to the surface.

With the island's mysteries solved and the catastrophe averted, it's time to finally move on. MegaMan takes one final tour of Kattelox to say his goodbyes. There are so many smiling faces everywhere. Mayor Amelia, Wily, Ira, the junk store man and his wife, the museum curator, the police inspector, the clubhouse gang, and countless others are grateful for everything MegaMan has done for the island. When it comes time for the Flutter to take off into the skies, the people gather at the island's edge to wave farewell. Roll steers a little closer and MegaMan waves back out the window. Someday they'll have to come back and see everyone again.

Out on the ocean in a little green boat made of scrap metal, the Bonnes watch as the Flutter passes overhead. With the giant Main Gate refractor in hand they sail into the sunset with high spirits—hoping they can reach the next island without sinking.